• Sunshine Home Inspection New Orleans
  • Sunshine Home Inspection New Orleans
  • Sunshine Home Inspection New Orleans
  • Sunshine Home Inspection New Orleans
  • Sunshine Home Inspection New Orleans

Sunshine Home Inspection's owner has been a home inspector for over 11 years, with 3 in New Orleans. We are the most thorough home inspection company in town!  We can prove it, just tag along with us on a full inspection.  A representative from the National Association of Home Inspectors (NAHI) said we have "one of the best and thorough reports she has ever seen" and she "wishes that we inspected her house."


140 STRAIGHT "A's"

Owner and operator, Thomas Kelting, ACI actually graduated from two home inspection schools including the most prestigious one in the country, ASHI (The American Society of Home Inspectors)...few, if any, in the greater New Orleans area can say that.  He graduated from AHIT and is a member of NAHI. You can be sure you are hiring an intelligent and ethical company to investigate your property and we won't just give properties a passing grade for any reason.

Thomas has a Master's Degree in Meteorology and worked as a broadcast meteorologist and professor of meteorology, an education that he says benefits him daily in his home inspection responsibilities.  Good communication helps, but part of home inspection is science and hydrology.  After all, water and the weather are the biggest enemies of a house and will destroy it from the top down or the bottom up. These are things particularly important for old Uptown, New Orleans homes. Water drainage around a home is especially critical in South Louisiana, without it your foundation will deteriorate and crumble. No other home inspection company in the state is more qualified to advise you on this issue than Sunshine Home Inspection, LLC.

While others perform quick home inspections, our home inspection process typically ranges from 3-4 hours depending on the size of the property.  Once the property inspection is complete, your home inspector will fill you in on the major concerns and send you a detailed home inspection report complete with pictures, the same day of the inspection.  Our inspectors usually only do one a day, not 3 a day like many others. That's why we have never been sued.  We work for you, our client, because we think you have fiduciary rights.  We will gladly perform a home inspection anywhere around New Orleans, Metairie, The West Bank and up to three hours drive.


"ASHI" Inspectors are the only ones certified by The National Commission for Certifying Agencies

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